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What To Do If You've Lost Livestock or a Farm Animal

STEP 1: Contact the Idaho Humane Society’s Rescue Ranch.

Email at or call (208)343-3166. Provide a detailed description of your lost livestock or farm animal, the area where the animal was lost, and as much of your contact information as possible. You will be contacted if an animal arrives at the shelter that matches your description or someone reports a sighting of your animal-at-large to the shelter.

STEP 2: Use Other Resources to Report Your Livestock or Farm Animal Missing As Well!

  • Make sure you report your missing livestock or farm animal at other relevant shelters in the area your animal was lost.
    • Garden City (208)472-2950
    • Canyon County (208)455-5920
    • City of Star (208)286-0440 (Star Vet Clinic- houses stray small animals)
    • City of Eagle (208)939-6813
    • Mountain Home Animal Shelter (208)587-2111
  • Talk to your neighbors.
  • Put up flyers in the area the livestock or farm animal was lost.
  • Place an ad in the online lost/found section of craigslist at
  • Place an ad in the Idaho Statesman at or your local paper.

STEP 3: Please Remember to Make a Return Call

Once you've found your missing livestock or farm animal make a return call or email to the Rescue Ranch.