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See how IHS helped Lola

Lola, a sweet, innocent dog, was brought to us emaciated and hardly covered in fur due to neglect and malnutrition. Our veterinary team found she was severely dehydrated, suffering daily from a painful left hip, and had previously fractured her tail with no medical intervention.

The only thing that kept Lola alive was HOPE.

Thanks to you, our team was able to care for Lola until she was back to a healthy, comfortable state. In our care, Lola was placed on a nutrition plan to help her dehydration and malnutrition and to aid in her growth; she came in at 33 pounds and just a short time later she weighed 49 pounds! Then, our medical staff performed surgery so she longer lives in pain from her hip.

Today, Lola is a happy, healthy cuddler! Her new family tells us they can’t get enough of her snuggles, and they are so grateful that you helped give Lola a second chance. But as we enter the spring season, there are so many cats and dogs who still need our help. This means we need your support more than ever.

Your gift can make a lifesaving difference for suffering animals like Lola and the hundreds more kittens and puppies who need our help and care.

The HOPE we give them is free, but the shelter, veterinary services, medical supplies, and other essential items for needy animals require significant funding. With your help now, we can make sure that no litter goes untreated, every animal gets spayed or neutered and all the animals brought to us receive the help and love they deserve.

Stories like Lola’s are proof of what you’re accomplishing. And it’s inspiring. Because of you, homeless, neglected and abused animals are being rescued every day here at the Idaho Humane Society.

Your continued support will bring joy to the families who adopt them and make our entire community a better, more compassionate place.

For the animals,

Jeff Rosenthal, DVM
Chief Executive


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