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The Inmate Dog Alliance Project of Idaho (I.D.A.P.I.) is a community partnership of the Idaho Humane Society, Idaho Correctional Center, and the Idaho State Correctional Institutions. IDAPI is a highly successful and beneficial program which places dogs from the Idaho Humane Society temporarily in cell blocks of Idaho correctional facilities for intensive socialization and training by inmates.

Why is this a good idea?

Non-aggression related behavior problems are the number one reason adult dogs are relinquished to animal shelters, and are a leading reason that shelter dogs fail to be successfully adopted to new homes. Treating behavioral issues in shelter animals saves their lives.

This type of behavioral intervention requires individualized attention, time and labor. Over 2 million people are incarcerated in the U.S. correctional system; meanwhile, approximately 5 million dogs enter the nation’s animal shelters each year. IDAPI pairs shelter dogs with inmates who care for the dogs, live with the dogs, and train them utilizing positive reinforcement techniques.

IDAPI benefits dogs, inmates, and the participating correctional facilities

For the Idaho Humane Society – IDAPI transforms some of our most difficult to place shelter dogs, (generally young, especially exuberant… a.k.a. “out of control” dogs), into well socialized and trained family pets. Some of our “over achiever” dogs are even utilized as assistance dogs and for other special uses. Typically, the Idaho Humane Society has over 30 dogs “enrolled” in the program every eight weeks, which also saves more room in our shelter for other dogs.

For the Inmates

the IDAPI experience helps teach responsibility, patience, tolerance, persistence, empathy and how it feels to make a difference by giving something back to the community.

For the Correctional Facility

IDAPI promotes social interaction, cooperation, morale, and helps diminish the institutional stress level. IDAPI cell blocks are the “best behaved” cell blocks in the Idaho corrections system. By the way, participants are carefully screened for acceptance into the program as the safety of our dogs is a priority.

Interested in adopting an IDAPI dog?

Check our Adoptions page, and click the IDAPI box to see all our latest graduates.

Click here to fill out the IDAPI Adoption Application online

IDAPI Art: Click here to learn about how the inmates are giving back to the IDAPI program through their artwork!

IDAPI is an Idaho Humane Society program that depends on donations to continue. Your financial support makes this possible. Tax deductible donations for IDAPI may be mailed directly to Development Director, Idaho Humane Society, 4775 Dorman Street, Boise, ID 83705. To use a credit card or an electronic funds transfer (please consider a monthly automatic donation to IDAPI), contact our Fundraising Department at (208) 387-2760 or Use these contacts to learn about the many other ways you can help the Idaho Humane Society help animals.