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Parvo outbreak strikes the Treasure Valley: ‘It can be deadly for sure’

The Idaho Humane Society says they have treated eight cases of parvo, last week.

Alix McGrath, a veterinarian at IHS, says usually they see a lot of cases in the Spring and Summer. But this season, parvo is starting off strong. And if left untreated, McGrath says “it can be deadly for sure.”

She says a lot of puppies have been affected. Not only in the shelter, but in public too.

Parvo is a virus that unvaccinated puppies and dogs can get by exposure to infected feces. Causing diarrhea and immune suppression.

“So, the puppies have diarrhea, they vomit, then they become dehydrated and then they often become affected by other infections since their immune system is at risk,” McGrath said.

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