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Our state is facing a veterinary shortage. What does this mean for Idaho pet owners?

Increased animal care cost has had wide effects

The increase in cost of veterinary treatment is not an isolated event, according to Rosenthal. As Idaho housing costs have dramatically increased in the last five years, the overwhelming financial stress of veterinary treatment has led many pet owners to surrender their companions, he said. This sudden increase in admissions has caused stress for local shelters like the Idaho Humane Society.

“In addition to just general inflation, the cost of veterinary care has also just really skyrocketed in recent years, and so we see a big increase in the number of pets being relinquished to our shelter with medical conditions that people simply cannot afford to take care of,” Rosenthal said. “We end up having to deal with those cases. We try to work with folks, and our ability to provide veterinary care ourselves is helpful because we can often solve their problems and keep that pet in the home. But with fewer veterinarians and more and more people needing help, it’s a big issue for us and our medical center.”  Read more…

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