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Inaugural ‘Boise Kind Day’ starts off strong with over 500 volunteers at dozens of events

The Idaho Humane Society also wanted to put Boise’s values on full display on Saturday by sharing more information on how people could get involved with the non-profit throughout the year.

“So we crafted a couple of videos where kids could give back with their parents supervising, like shelter treats for our dog, catnip toys for our cats,” Kristine Schellhaas said.

With ‘Boise Kind Day,’ she says the event serves as a platform for even more volunteering.

“I feel like a lot of people really want to get involved and give back to different organizations but they don’t really know how to, so Boise Kind Day really gave us a platform to say ‘hey we take volunteers and here’s some ways that you can give back,” she said.

Volunteers also sorted aluminum cans for the shelter, that will be taken to a recycling center to raise money for the Humane Society. Recycling cans brings in about $9,000 for the shelter a year.

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