Idaho Humane Society calls for investigation into mistreatment of puppy in Preston, Idaho

The Idaho Humane Society shares the concern of all our constituents who are deeply disturbed by the news from Preston, Idaho regarding allegations of the mistreatment of a puppy in a classroom setting. We are following this situation closely having called for a prompt and thorough investigation to ensure the facts of the case are exposed. If an act of cruelty has occurred, we are urging the local authorities to take action and prosecute the perpetrator to the full extent of the law.

To date, we have contacted the local police authorities in the county and have offered to consult in this case, as we have a long history of working with law enforcement officials and communities across the state on animal cruelty and neglect cases.

We received word last night that Franklin County authorities moved the case to an adjacent county due to conflicts of interest, and have also made contact with that prosecuting attorney’s office. Furthermore, we have contacted the officials at Idaho Fish and Game to determine if the snapping turtle was legally obtained.

It is a moral responsibility that every animal has a painless death. There is a basic ethic of care that all stewards of domestic animals must follow whether it is in regards to a household dog or livestock in the field; whether an animal kept as a pet or raised for food and fiber; used in research or part of a teaching exercise. Based on the information available at this time, it appears that this standard of care was violated. The fundamental responsibility we all have to domestic animals is the prevention of unnecessary pain and suffering at all times. Our school systems should be places where the proper care and treatment of domestic animals is reinforced by instruction, not where children are inured to pain and suffering.

We will continue advocate for the welfare and responsible care of animals across the state of Idaho, to protect them from neglect and cruelty, and promote humane education, awareness, and compassion. We believe that because domestic animals are a product of human intervention, we have a special obligation to them in regard to humane treatment and responsible stewardship.

We appreciate the support of this effort to ensure Idaho is a place where compassion lives and kindness is cherished. We are a private 501(c)3 organization that relies on donations to provide programs and services that benefit animals in Idaho.

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