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Hundreds of chickens, birds removed from home in Weiser

WEISER, Idaho — The Washington County Sheriff’s Office confirms that it is investigating a possible case of animal hoarding in Weiser where hundreds of chickens and birds were removed from the home.

Sharla Vaughan-Hein owns the property near Mann Creek and says was out in the area on Sunday to check on some goats when she went by a house she owns. The tenant was not home, and Vaughan-Hein says after seeing hundreds of chickens and other birds outside locked up in the 100-degree heat with no water, she contacted the sheriff’s office for help.

Sgt. Brady Johnston says they were able to get a search warrant to check on more animals inside the home. There were cages filled with cats and chickens, as well as dogs, cats and chickens on the loose in the house. There was also feces and urine all over, according to Vaughan-Hein.

It appears three women who live there had been out of town since Saturday morning. They returned Sunday evening. Click to read more…


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