How Animal Control Helps

On Monday evening, our Humane Officers received an urgent call. A Boise resident reported a horrifying sight – an orange and white cat in terrible distress with what appeared to be a pencil sticking out of its left eye. Our officers responded and rescued the cat and rushed him to our Shelter Medical Center.

An Idaho Humane Society veterinarian examined the injured cat and determined the object was, in fact, a crossbow arrow. Tragically, the potentially lethal projectile had penetrated through the feline’s eye, but an x-ray showed that it miraculously did not enter his brain. The arrow was removed under anesthesia, and the wounded cat was treated with antibiotics, pain medication, and IV fluids. The following morning, the cat was purring and rubbing up against our staff as they cared for him. Surgery to remove the remnants of his ruptured eye was performed on the obviously friendly and well-socialized patient.

This kitty is now recovering from surgery. He is a sweet boy who deserves a loving home. Animal cruelty is not something we take lightly. We are offering a $1,000 reward to anyone with information leading to a conviction for cruelty on whoever perpetrated this barbaric act. Additionally, we are seeking to reunite him with his owner.