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Help animals like Rudy and Patrick find a home

The streets are a sad, lonely and often dangerous place for cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies without homes. There may be bitter cold or oppressive heat, and hazards like vehicles and predators are constant threats. No soothing voice or gentle hand offers comfort. Fear becomes a way of life. Thankfully, the Idaho Humane Society offers a safe haven.

Patrick had a hard life before he was found and brought to the Idaho Humane Society. His time on the streets nearly killed him. He was starving and he had been run over by a car. Our veterinarians performed surgery on his shattered foot so he could walk and run again. We provided the medicines and nourishing food he required to restore his health and comfort. Very soon after recovery, Patrick was adopted into a loving family!

Rudy also had to overcome difficult circumstances on his journey to a loving forever home. He was born at our shelter from a very pregnant cat rescued by our humane officers from an owner that was charged with neglect. Both of his front legs were deformed and we worried that he would never be able to walk. Thanks to treatment from our veterinarians and a very dedicated foster volunteer, he can now walk, run, and climb! He has now been adopted to a family that will continue to care for him.

Along with the work of saving injured, ill, or neglected shelter animals our outreach to support suffering pets in our community is another challenge. The number of low-income pet owners using our veterinary services has been increasing. The cost to provide veterinary care to needy pets in our shelter and community have risen. That’s why your support today is so critical — the Idaho Humane Society depends on friends like you to help cover the cost of care for the pets we rescue and care for every day

On behalf of the animals, thank you for your friendship and support!

For the animals,

Jeff Rosenthal, DVM

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