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Fireworks don’t spark huge increase in calls to local law enforcement

dogs and fireworks

“The Idaho Humane Society in Boise has seen the usual uptick in animals at the shelter following the Fourth of July holiday, although this year’s numbers have been lower than in years past…

Every year, many pets flee their homes during Independence Day celebrations, frightened by the sounds and lights. It’s why Schellhaas and others at the Humane Society always caution pet owners to keep their animals inside during the festivities.

“We’ve had dogs break through fences before,” she said. “We always encourage people to keep their pets inside.”

Schellhaas said if people are missing a pet and want to search for it at the Humane Society, they should arrive in person and describe the animal to employees there in as much detail as possible. She said while it is preferable to implant pets with a microchip to help identify the animal’s owner and address, any form of identification works. Thursday morning, for example, Humane Society employees reconnected a dog with an owner through a phone number, scrawled in Sharpie, on the animal’s collar.

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