Feral Cat Clinic

Looking for affordable spay/neuter services for a feral cat in your neighborhood?

The Idaho Humane Society is dedicated to providing extremely low-cost spay/neuter services to feral cats in Ada County. Our goal is to reduce the number of homeless kittens born and entering our shelter and improve the lives of the cats who roam freely throughout our community.

Important information:

  1. This is a program for feral cats without owners. If you own a cat that needs spay or neuter please schedule an appointment with our Veterinary Medical Center.
  2. Our services are for Ada County community members. If you live outside of Ada County, please schedule an appointment with our Veterinary Medical Center or another provider.
  3. All cats brought to our feral cat clinic for spay or neuter must be contained in a humane trap. The cat will be returned to you in the trap.
  4. In order to identify populations of feral cats, and prevent the re-trapping of cats who have previously been altered, we do require cats be ear-tipped at the time of surgery
  5. This is a same day service for healthy cats needing spay/neuter services. Please be prepared to bring your cats to us in the morning and expect to pick them up in the afternoon.
  6. This is not a program to have other medical or surgical problems treated, if your community cat is ill or injured please contact our Veterinary Medical Center.

How to make an appointment:

Please contact our Cat Coordinator, Crystal. You can reach her by:

The IFeral Cat2daho Humane Society would like to thank all those involved with feral cat trapping for making a difference for our feline friends!

Check out these statistics for cat spays/neuters…

      • MARCH: 108 shelter alterations, 55 feral cat alterations
      • APRIL: 87 shelter alterations, 0 feral cat alterations
      • MAY: 118 shelter alterations, 113 feral cat alterations
      • JUNE: 330 shelter alterations, 147 feral cat alterations
      • JULY: 452 shelter alterations, 163 feral cat alterations
      • AUGUST: 355 shelter alterations, 121 feral cat alterations