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The Year of the Dog Movie – Opening Night

The Year of the Dog is a heartwarming, independent feature about two strays: an alcoholic man struggling to maintain sobriety and a rescue dog (played by a real-life rescue) with an unusual athletic gift.

The film’s lead dog is a real-life husky rescue named Caleb. In honor of him, the film will donate 5% of its net receipts (from this showing) to the Idaho Humane Society.


Matt, a loner alcoholic at rock bottom, struggles to maintain sobriety for 30 days so he can honor his mother’s dying wish, to visit her in hospice, sober. His book-thumping AA sponsor, Fred, offers him refuge at his farm, where Matt finds Yup’ik, a stray Husky with a unique talent. The man and dog relationship is precarious at first, but with the help of a close-knit Montana community, the two strays find a connection and discover what it takes to pull through to the finish line.