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Microchipping and mobile adoption event

We are offering FREE microchipping to 100 dogs and cats at Larry H. Miller Subaru in Boise. It is all first-come, first-served, and there is a limit of one microchip per family. We will also have animals available for adoption at the event, and adoption fees will be waived thanks to a grant from the ASPCA and Subaru Loves Pets.

A microchip greatly increases the chance that an animal will find its way home if it is ever lost or stolen. Microchips transmit identification numbers when activated by the radio waves of handheld scanners, now common in all veterinary clinics and animal shelters. The clinic or shelter can then contact the manufacturer for your contact information to reunite you and your pet.

The chip itself is a glass cylinder about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted just under the skin with a needle – it won’t hurt your pet any more than a normal vaccination. Below is a video of a dog receiving a microchip at our last event of this kind – as you can see, the process only takes a few seconds and many animals don’t even notice.