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Craft a Pet Plan to set your pet up for success

Dog and CatIn times of uncertainty, it’s important to have a plan for your pets should you need to ask a caregiver for support. We recommend putting together a Pet Plan to set your pet up for success.

Identify a temporary caregiver who will care for your pets in case you are not able. Walk them through where to find the following:

  • Draft a schedule of when your pet eats and how much, so your caregiver can continue the set routine.
  • Identify any needed medications that are needed for daily use, or in case your pet has a flare-up.
  • Make a note of where they can find additional pet food in your home, or what brand you use in case they need to purchase supplies outside of the home.
  • Gather your pet’s veterinary records in one place for your caregiver to find with your pet’s last wellness visit on top. This will allow them to easily take the papers with them should the vet not have access to their online records or in case they need to go to another facility for care.

After you’ve completed your Pet Plan, think about the opportunities available now that you’re at home more with your pet.

Training Opportunities

Many of us wish that our dogs had better habits with certain triggers, whether it is reacting to the doorbell, counter surfing, or pulling on the leash when walking. This is a great time to start working with your pets, even if it is just 10 minutes every couple of hours. We will be adding some online content on Facebook in the near future to provide tools you may want to implement with your pets in the weeks to come.

Veterinary Needs

Watch your pets carefully to prevent urgent trips to see your veterinarian. The AVMA is asking to temporarily pause all routine veterinary work which includes spays/neuters, dentals, nail trims and more.

At the Idaho Humane Society, we are limiting surgeries and medical procedures and we are conserving our remaining medical and surgical supplies, as well as sanitizing products, gowns, gloves and masks, to the greatest extent possible. Additionally, we are limited by the immediate reductions in veterinary staffing that we have implemented. We will make an announcement when we plan to resume services. Many other veterinary clinics are likely following the same protocols.

This is a time filled with uncertainty, stress, and confusion. Please lean on your pets to provide natural comfort and therapy and destress when possible.


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