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Build to be kind: with your help!

Thank you so much for your support of the Idaho Humane Society (IHS). Your past donations have shown that you believe every animal deserves to be safe, healthy, happy and loved.

Our staff and volunteers are doing everything we can to make this vision come true. Now there is an exciting opportunity for us to provide even more lifesaving care thanks to a generous offer from a fantastic donor. Whatever you give today will be doubled, up to $25,000!

We are doing more for animals than ever before, but providing so many acts of kindness for pets also means increasing costs.

Your Kindness Matters

This year, we will provide lifesaving services to over 25,000 animals through sheltering and adoptions, community spay/neuter services, and veterinary care for pets to low-income owners and pets without homes.

Every pet we shelter is supported with the highest level of care while they are waiting for their forever family. This includes medical exams and treatments, vaccinations, surgery, grooming, and lots of tender care by our staff and volunteers. The average cost of care is roughly $400 per animal — but we are only able to continue to provide this daily care with your support!

Last fall, we completed our Designed to be Kind capital campaign and opened a wonderful new animal shelter, veterinary hospital, and humane education center. So far, the results have been fantastic! This lifesaving facility expands our ability to save more homeless animals by providing critical medical care and expanding our ability to take in more animals who need a helping hand.

Some of the key features are:

  • The Adoption Center — We are achieving the highest adoption rate success in our history! Pets are thriving in our new facility with sunlight, roomier condos, and noise controlled kennels.
  • The Veterinary Medical Center — We are serving more animals than ever with lifesaving care, state-of-the-art medical technology, and a large focus on spay and neuter efforts. Our sliding scale fees based on household income for medical services means that thousands of low-income pet owners can properly care for their pets’ veterinary needs.
  • The Humane Education Center — We are reaching more children and adults than ever before with our humane education curriculum that will inspire and inform our community on responsible pet care and humane treatment of animals.
  • And our many other programs — pet training, volunteer services, behavior programs, and so much more!

Our community’s animals are benefiting from our new adoption center, veterinary hospital, and humane education center. With your help, we can do even more.

Expanding our PawPrint, Together

There are thousands of pets in our community that need our help. Together we can improve their quality of life and create a brighter future for animals. Our community is benefiting from a modern, capable humane society facility.

Your gift today will double to provide the resources that not only saves the lives of animals in our shelter but will also allow us to assist low-income families to keep and care for their pets.

Your gift will be MATCHED to help improve the lives of Idaho’s animals and make our community a more humane place. Thank you for your support and care!

Jeff Rosenthal, DVM
Chief Executive Officer

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