Image of Zoe
Image of Zoe
Image of Zoe
Image of Zoe
Image of Zoe
Image of Zoe
Image of Zoe
Image of Zoe Image of Zoe Image of Zoe Image of Zoe Image of Zoe Image of Zoe Image of Zoe


Shih Tzu mix Spayed Female 5 years 14.7 pounds

Shhh, don’t call Zoe an adorable little girl to her face! She sees herself as a fiery female at least twice as tall as her stubby legs allow and due the respect usually given to big dogs. It is not all pretense and she truly has a big personality and lots of heart packed in a small body. Though she loves to cuddle and lie next to you on the couch and sleeps on the bed at night she enjoys big dog activities such as going hiking, playing with dogs of all sizes, chew femur bones and other appropriate chews items, and play games including food/search games.

Zoe is a great companion and easy to handle and live with. She definitely has an independent side to her but she listens pretty well most of the time and wants to stay near you. She is house trained and also crate trained though she is fine loose in the house, too. She rides well in a car and enjoys trips. Walking her on a leash is easy. She has a great time hiking though very rough surfaces and prickly stuff can be a bit hard on her paws.

Her one big weakness is that she is afraid of strangers or loud people approaching her, especially if they reach for her. If at home she will bark at them and both there and in the community she will growl and nip at hands or feet. We don’t know why she is afraid but it is best if she is not forced to meet people up close that she doesn’t know. She can sit under your table at a cafe on a short leash or walk through downtown and be fine but don’t let people reach for her. Obviously, visitors interested in adopting her will see this behavior and a match depends on how quickly she becomes comfortable with them, not whether she acts up in the first place, because she will.

The best home for her is one where there are not a lot of new people visiting but the same friends coming by regularly. She will enjoy a person/family that is moderately active and will take her to non-threatening environments and activities and not put her in super stressful situations. If there are children in the home, they should be older and understand how to handle her fears. Kids she doesn’t know also scare her and you don’t want them to get nipped.

Zoe does well with other dogs once she has greeted them with her usual superior attitude and she plays with some of the dogs in her foster home and is hang-out-buddy with others. She will chase cats and kills birds but is fine with goats and such.

As you can see in her photos, Zoe’s tongue doesn’t seem to quite fit in her mouth and often hangs out. It does not cause her any problems. Her teeth are fine and she recently had a dental and had baby teeth that had never fallen out removed.

She will need regular trimming of hairs around her face and paws. You can do this yourself once she trusts you or maybe try a very gentle and experienced groomer if it doesn’t scare her (stay during the appointment the first few times to make sure they handle her appropriately).

Her adoption fee is $200.00 plus tax and license fees (includes spay, microchip and current vaccinations).

Contact foster mom Stine on for inquiries and an application questionnaire.

Login Number 38937919
Purebred No
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Color Black and White
Age adult
Sex Female
Size small
Location Foster Home
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