Image of Zavier
Image of Zavier
Image of Zavier
Image of Zavier
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Chihuahua mix Neutered Male 4 years, 7 months 12 pounds

Zavier is fun-loving, busy, playful and very smart!  He will need to be with a forever family who is active and who will involve him, even challenge him, to run, play, hike, agility train, whatever will use his energy and spunky personality to the max!  As always, the most important part of any training is lots of patience and a keen intuition as to what will entice your student to excel to the best of his abilities.  Zavier knows the command to sit and will catch treats and that may be the extent of his learning, yet he is so capable of learning much more.  Zavier will absolutely need to live inside your home with your family, so your first move may be to find a good obedience class for you and your new best friend, and start practicing any manners and behaviors you will want him to use in your home.  This little sweetie already walks nicely on leash so you will be ahead by not having to repeatedly rein him in on leash or train him to walk nicely.  We have information that Zavier is housetrained and is good with older children.  At this moment we would not recommend he be in a home with toddlers as he may be too mannerless to navigate around a little one just learning to walk.  We also have firm information that he needs to be in a home with no cats!  We also notice that Zavier is smart and very active and if you don’t keep him busy he may invent games for himself so give him plenty of exciting toys, challenge him with new places and people and do not even think of leaving him in the backyard alone for any length of time.  This is a charming little people dog and he will do best if you welcome him into your home and involve him in all family fun!

Login Number 38184397
Purebred No
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Color Tan and White
Age adult
Sex Male
Size small
Location shelter
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