Image of Ryker
Image of Ryker
Image of Ryker
Image of Ryker
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German Shepherd Dog mix Neutered Male 1 year 56 Pounds

Ryker is a noble young man who carries himself with confidence and moves with grace and style.  Here at the shelter, Ryker’s kennel presence can be intimidating.  He barks with a deep voice when approached until he realizes that he is going for a walk.  Then he is happy to go.  The German Shepherd Dog breed is known for high intelligence, courage and a tendency to guard their people.  Also, they are known for being gentle and loving family pets when in a home where they are cherished and where attention is paid to their need for stimulation, daily physical and mental exercise.  And, as always, good care of their beautiful coat and good nutrition. This is the sort of family where Ryker will shine and can become his best.  Ryker will need to live inside with his family as he is much too intelligent to leave alone in the backyard.  Perhaps an experienced dog owner, familiar with the breed would be perfect for Ryker.  Remember that for the time being Ryker is a puppy, and he is expected to behave like a puppy.  Short attention span, boundless energy, exploring his new world is normal.  A good training class with positive reinforcement and consistency will help him learn what is expected. Some lucky family will come by and see this handsome young man and take him home where he will show just how remarkable he is.

If you are interested in meeting Ryker, please ask about him at the customer service desk in the kennel hallway.

Login Number 39501807
Purebred No
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Color Black and Brown
Age adult
Sex Male
Size medium
Location Shelter
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