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Image of Panda
Image of Panda
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Labrador Retriever mix Neutered Male 2 years 56 pounds

Panda is a bit overwhelmed here at the shelter and needs an owner who will spend time socializing him in different environments and different people. His previous owner had to move into an apartment, so now Panda is looking for owners who will continue training him with patience and lots of praise. A good obedience class could help Panda build confidence which he needs. Having a confident, friendly canine companion may also help Panda. Once he feels secure in your company, he will lean on you for petting and handling. In fact, he will lay on his side for a tummy rub once he trusts you. Panda will require regular exercise and may be a good companion for a hiker or biker, as he is quite athletic and can be energetic. He has a gorgeous coat of fur and enjoys being handled and petted. More interaction and socialization will go a long ways in helping Panda adjust to his new home. Please help him and bring out his potential. Once he feels secure he will be a loving companion. We don’t have information on Panda’s response to children.

Login Number 42515268
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Color Black and White
Age adult
Sex Male
Size medium
Location Shelter
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