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American Pit Bull Terrier mix Spayed Female 3 years, 11 months 46 pounds

Murphy’s previous owners describe her as loving, friendly and affectionate – all terrific traits of a wonderful family companion!  As an IDAPI Program graduate from October 2016, Murphy knows multiple basic obedience commands and also has a few fun tricks up her sleeve.  She is very smart and tries very hard to please.  Food is a great motivator for her and she particularly enjoys carrots (eating a carrot was part of her nightly routine).  Although Murphy did well with the other dogs in her IDAPI class at the prison, she had a contentious relationship with the other female dog in her home.  Because of this, we think she’ll do best living as the only pet in her home (no kitties for her either).  Murphy has a high energy level and is very loving, gentle and huggable.  She has been a great family dog and could easily be a beloved companion for a new family (children 8 years or older required).  Murphy has been an inside, on the furniture kind of girl, so it would be great if those traditions could continue in her new home.  You can meet Murphy in kennel 424 at the shelter!

Murphy completed training in the Inmate Dog Alliance Project of Idaho (IDAPI) Program in October 2016 where she lived with and was trained by inmates at one of the Idaho correctional centers.  During this two-month period, the dogs live with the inmates in a prison setting and are trained daily in basic obedience.  They are also house, leash and crate trained.  The dogs are frequently taught a number of fun tricks such as shake with both paws, bow, spin, speak, sit up, crawl, wave, play dead and many times can also perform some agility commands.  They also learn to be good indoor companions while at the same time, they get to interact, play and bond with the other dogs in the program.  At the end of the training period, these dogs are evaluated to make sure that they have been trained to do all of their required commands.


Login Number 32185699
Purebred No
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Color Brindle
Age adult
Sex Female
Size medium
Location shelter
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