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Image of Molly
Image of Molly
Image of Molly
Image of Molly
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American Pit Bull Terrier mix Spayed Female 4 years 63 pounds

Molly lived somewhere for 4 years and was given to another owner who only had her a week. She appears to be quite nervous and uncomfortable here at the shelter and is probably a bit confused about where she is and who to bond to. She is said to be very sweet and loving to her family but shows some signs of resource guarding her caregivers. More and more socialization with other people and other animals may help her feel less threatened in new environments. Fear can cause her to be more defensive.

Molly is a strong girl and could use some work on her leash skills. She knows a few commands and will sit, lay down and shake with both paws. Use positive reinforcement and food reward (which she takes nicely from your fingers) and continue her training. This will also help with bonding and focus.

We have no history of Molly interacting with young children at this time so adults or older teenagers may be best. Cats are not recommended as she doesn’t get along with them.  Molly needs an experienced owner who will continue socializing her and allow her to be part of the family unit.

Login Number 41148201
Purebred No
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Color Black and White
Age adult
Sex Female
Size large
Location Shelter
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