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German Shepherd Dog mix Neutered Male 8 months 20 pounds

MJ is just irresistible.  His sweet and funny puppy antics combined with his need to circle around and around make him a silly puppy and lovable little guy.  MJ is ready to learn and to take direction but, like all puppies, you first have to get his attention!  He does like treats so use this to your advantage in training.  However, the first thing to work on is his tendency to grab treats from the hand that holds them!  Every time you give him a treat enforce the “gently” command.  MJ is a very loving little guy and if you sit down with him he will be in your lap or rolling on his back or side for a tummy rub.  MJ came to us as a transfer from a shelter in Texas.  He had a previous head wound and has a deformity of a bone on the right side of his muzzle.  Also, he is reportedly blind in his right eye.  His head wound causes MJ to regularly circle to the left.  In the more than a month that he was in Texas and while he has been at IHS there has been no worsening of his neurological condition.  Please read his attached medical release for more information.  MJ is a special needs little guy and so will need a special family who will accept him and love him for who he is!  MJ is just a puppy with the usual puppy antics and undisciplined activities with the added circling tendency.  When you visit MJ you will realize that this in no way detracts from his need for a forever home.  In fact, he is a happy, ready-to-bond puppy with a bright future with a family or person who will commit to his care.  Of course, MJ must live inside with his people and we are certain you will want him inside with you to soak up all the love.  Go with him to a good obedience class and patiently teach him all of the things he will need to know to be a good canine citizen.  Concentrate also on those behaviors and manners you will want in your home.  Some lucky people are going to stop by and see this wonderful puppy and realize that MJ is just exactly what they need to make their family complete!  These lucky folks will be rewarded with a loyal and unconditional loving companion for life!

Login Number 39268302
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Color Tan and White
Age young
Sex Male
Size medium
Location Shelter
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