Image of Lilly
Image of Lilly
Image of Lilly
Image of Lilly
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Australian Cattle Dog mix Spayed Female 2 years 57 pounds

Lilly is a super dog, gentle, friendly, sweet tempered and loving. She is very social and friendly and wants to greet every person she sees. She has had a lot of training so she knows a sit for a treat and seems to know stay and come. Lilly will need daily walks and may make a good running companion. Lilly showed no interest in toys but may enjoy learning! Lilly has a tendency to lightly jump up on people so it will be important to teach her to keep four on the floor. During testing a large dog barked at Lilly and she did respond by barking back and she also backed away. She seems okay with dogs who aren’t in her face and pushy but be certain to have a controlled introduction prior to adoption. We have no information about her interaction with children, but Lilly is pretty tolerant and well mannered. This girl is ready for her forever family and some lucky someone will come in, see Lilly and find a companion for life!

Login Number 42011096
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Color Tan
Age adult
Sex Female
Size medium
Location Shelter
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