Image of Lexi
Image of Lexi
Image of Lexi
Image of Lexi
Image of Lexi
Image of Lexi
Image of Lexi
Image of Lexi
Image of Lexi Image of Lexi Image of Lexi Image of Lexi Image of Lexi Image of Lexi Image of Lexi Image of Lexi


Bearded Collie mix Spayed Female 2 years, 9 months 43 pounds

Lexi is a gregarious girl with an active and inquisitive mind. She is playful and lots of fun and can be quite entertaining to be around. Lexi also has an affectionate side without being clingy in any way. She is generally very attentive and responds well to directions; it even appears she has been given training at some point. She is housetrained and uses a doggie door. She is crate trained but has some claustrophobia so it is best not to put her in it too often, and since she is fine in the house when home alone it shouldn’t be needed much. She is fine in a crate in the car, though, and rides well.

Lexi is not overly energetic but she is a dog that is bred to be able to move around all day with the sheep when needed and she requires daily, somewhat vigorous exercise beyond what she can get from time in the yard, such as brisk walks, off leash time, play fetch or tug (with rules, not mindlessly), or partner a runner. Mental stimulation is also important or she’ll get desperately bored; this can include sniffing in areas with tall grass or shrubs with interesting smells, puzzle feeders at home, training games, finding hidden treats or toys, Nose Work (a fun new dog sport), and more. With her basic needs being met she has no problem snoozing for hours throughout the day whether on the floor or a dog bed near you when you are on the computer or doing chores or next to you on the bed/floor while you take a nap.

The challenge with Lexi is her rather pronounced herding breed behaviors. She is a little too eager to keep those pesky neighboring dogs in check and if left to her own devices she barks and snarls at them through the fence – it is sort of a game to her but needs to be curbed. When managing it persistently she improves but she cannot be left/allowed out in the yard when home alone or given opportunity to practice it too often.

Her behavior with other dogs is a little complicated due to her herding tendencies as well. She is selective about who she is good with. She adores a couple of the young males in her foster home and plays with them with great skill. Some dogs she wants to tease or control and it is intimidating and stressful for them to be targeted that way. And she gets angry with dogs she feels are out of control and wants to stop them – this includes jumpy, ball crazy Labs. She may be best as a single dog and have play dates with suitable, familiar dogs but we much depends on each dog and situation. On occasion she shows food guarding towards other dogs but she shares toys and old bones just fine.

Her previous owner felt she was not good with cats and we suspect she wants to chase and herd them.

Lexi’s coat needs regular brushing and occasional bathing but is essentially a shake-n-dry coat developed for spending time outdoors in all kinds of weather. It should never be shaved as that will ruin its protective qualities. Trimming around the eyes and mouth are all that is needed.

We believe she is a Bearded collie mix with Australian shepherd and/or border collie.

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Login Number 35685848
Purebred No
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Color Black and White
Age adult
Sex Female
Size medium
Location foster home
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