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Chow Chow mix Neutered Male 4 years 70 pounds

Jax displayed some of his Chow Chow characteristics during the evaluation, aloof with unfamiliar people and not especially interested in receiving or showing affection.  His previous owner reported that he showed some anxiety in his previous home.  Jax showed interest in other dogs during his evaluation and he did live successfully with another dog in his former home.  However, please do introductions at the Shelter before adoption.  Jax walks well on a leash and takes treats nicely.  He enjoys soft toys so remember to stock up!  Jax will need to be an indoor dog, living inside with his family.  We do not recommend Jax for a first time dog owner and we recommend that you read the available information on living with a Chow Chow.  While they do not tend to be cuddle bugs, they are intensely protective of their close humans and are very loyal to the family.  Also, Jax is a Chow Chow mix and his behaviors may be tempered by the other breed in his mix–we just don’t know what that breed is.  It would be wonderful if Jax could go home with someone familiar with the Chow Chow breed.  He does require a home with adults only.  Get to know Jax and respect the different aspects of his personality.  He will be a good solid companion for adults!

Here are some notes from an IHS volunteer who took Jax on a sleepover!

Jax is stressed at the kennels and comes across as very aloof. But he really let his true self show when I fostered him overnight.

Jax discovered the dog toy basket and tried out every toy … I had not seen him play at the kennels. He really liked the soft squeaky toys.

Jax also likes to cuddle … again I didn’t ever see that behavior at the shelter. He wants to be near you and will lay at your feet while you watch TV.

He isn’t crate trained, but did nicely sleeping on a dog bed in the bedroom. When the alarm went off, he greeted me with a nice dog kiss.  Jax also has excellent house manners.

We went for a couple walks and a short jog. He behaved nicely on the walks, even when we met a flock of turkeys. Interested but didn’t bark or try to go after them.

Jax would make a great hiking and jogging partner.

His previous owner notes say he is anxious on car rides, but he rode very nicely in my car for the 35-minute drive home. He sat and looked out the windows for a while and then laid down for the remainder of the drive.

If you are interested in meeting Jax, please ask for assistance at the Customer Service Desk in the dog hallway.

Login Number 40202388
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Color Tan
Age adult
Sex Male
Size large
Location Shelter
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