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Handsome boy Fred is looking for a home where he can continue his life as a mouser. This guy is a feral boy who was brought in after his care taker decided  he needed a better place to live. Fred will be a great addition to any home where they are looking for an outside cat! He might not be the friendliest, but is familiar with people. Please consider giving this boy a home!


Please email [email protected] for more info, or fill out a barn cat application here to set up a time to meet Darlin. Please specify what cat you would like to meet!


Although some barn cats can be friendly, the cats that we adopt out as barn cats are unadoptable as pets. They are varying levels of “feral” or unsocial, and most likely will not approach humans or solicit attention, or they may take a long time to trust you enough for touching. Most of the time, the cats will avoid you and come out at night to eat and will keep your property free from rodents and other pests.

They will require access to suitable shelter like a barn, a shop, a shed, or a garage, and will need to be provided daily food and water. Cats cannot live on hunting alone and feeding them will not reduce their inclination to hunt rodents.

To ensure the new cats don’t immediately run away, they need to be confined for 2-4 weeks. They can be confined to an escape-proof room like a tack room or garage, or they can be kept in a large dog crate, chicken coop, etc. that is outfitted with food and water bowls, a bed or box for sleeping, and a litter pan. This time is necessary to teach the cats where their new home is, where their food is, who brings the food, and to get a general lay of the land.

Login Number 46347352
Spayed/Neutered No
Age adult
Sex Male
Size small
Location Shelter
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