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Hound mix Spayed Female 3 years 45 pounds

Dolly is an absolute sweetheart!  Her adorable face and soulful eyes will win your heart.  She has a hilariously-sneaky side, too, which makes her such a fun companion.

Her favorite things are 1) when her humans hide treats around the room and send her off to sniff them out 2) chewing on big bones 3) napping in the sun 4) having her belly rubbed 5) going on long walkabouts (also, she rides very well in the car).

She is super-smart and wants to please; she knows basic commands like “sit” and would have a wonderful time bonding with her new family by taking a training course together.

Because she is a hound, she will conveniently forget all her training if she smells a scent she wants to track.  This means she tugs a little on her leash and would most likely wander off if she’s not kept in a very secure yard.  Leash-walking is not a big issue — her foster family’s 10-year-old could handle her with few problems — but know that Dolly LOVES to sniff, so she’ll also stop frequently during walks and would always choose to keep going instead of turning back for home.  When Dolly doesn’t want to go in a certain direction, she will dig in her feet or lie down: her foster family finds this charming, but — again — her new family would have an even-better bonding experience if they took a training class with her.

She does not appear to be a particularly destructive dog; however, she DOES assume that towels and stuffed animals are hers to enjoy, and she will often sneakily steal the former and rip apart the latter.

She does not seem to take off after squirrels, but she DOES enjoy it when chickens and cats get flustered and run, giving her a reason to chase.  (She tried living with a cat before and it did not go well; she is very interested in other dogs, though.)  While she IS a hound, and that means she has a very loud howl instead of a bark, Dolly is a quiet girl, preferring instead to stare at you balefully to get your attention.

Dolly is crate-trained, so when she wants a break or when she thinks she is in trouble she will take herself to time-out.  She made herself a little nest in a spare room closet at her foster home and could often be found hiding out there.


Dolly bonds quickly to her humans and just wants to be loved.  For more info about this funny, wonderful girl, please contact foster parent Meaghan at 

Login Number 38576973
Purebred No
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Color Black, Tan and White
Age adult
Sex Female
Size medium
Location foster home
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