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Image of Curry
Image of Curry
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Domestic Rabbit Neutered Male 13 weeks

Curry is a sweet little rabbit that loves to hop around and be curious. He is 13 weeks old of fun though he has never had the opportunity to live with people before. Curry was found as a stray, and will need to be socialized with people before fully trusting them. If you provide love, hay, bunny bedding, and the occasional treat though, he is sure to warm up faster! Once he is comfortable with a person, he enjoys being pet between the ears and along his back. Curry loves to sleep, but he loves to roam around and explore too. Giving him time to do this will help build his confidence in the world of humans. We have plenty of information regarding bunnies, should you be new to the experience!

Login Number 36054833
Purebred No
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Color Red
Age baby
Sex Male
Size small
Location shelter
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