Image of Crowley
Image of Crowley
Image of Crowley Image of Crowley


Domestic Shorthair Neutered Male 1 year

Crowley, a male tuxedo cat nearly a year old, is microchipped, neutered, and litterbox trained.

PERSONALITY TO SPARE His name is Crowley, but now that his feral days are behind him, he’s no King of Hell. He’s more “King of Stealing the Soft Food from All of the Other Cats’ Bowls!” Crowley has personality. He walks like a long-haul trucker and purrs like a diesel engine as he twines around my ankles in anticipation of a meal. Crowley spends his days playing hard and sleeping hard. He’s a strong boy, like his daddy down the road, and he’s not big on being held. Once he gets a human or two he can call his own, he’ll come around. Right now, he’s in a foster home with too many cats and he has to share the human.

PATIENCE REQUIRED FOR A GOOD FAMILY BOND Crowley will need time to get used to his new home. His new people should be prepared to wait him out with patience and not try to force attention on him. Crowley is a muscular cat, and he could easily hurt someone if cornered, and is just trying to get away. Crowley gets along really well with other cats, but for a good bond, Crowley should be in a home with only one or two other cats, and those cats should be ready to deal with an energetic youngster who doesn’t know his own power. Crowley defers to my older male cat, and is definitely more a lover/player than a fighter in personality, despite his gladiator build.

PLAY WITH ME! Crowley would be great in a home with teenagers who like to play hard and sleep hard, and who know the difference between too much and too little love. Crowley’s an athletic beast who would be ecstatic to have someone to throw balls for him to chase, shine the laser light for him to seek and destroy, and show him that humans can be pretty great.

CARING FOR CROWLEY Crowley eats grain-free kibble and soft food, usually Friskies or Fancy Feast, and occasionally the nicer brands. His new people should be ready for shenanigans, silliness, and antics, as well as his splendid majesty. He should be an indoor only cat, but he’d love his own catio. Crowley loves to perch at the top of cat condos, and scratch scratching posts vigorously.    If he’s anything like his daddy (a friendly fellow I called Trouble who was abandoned in the neighborhood, and adopted and neutered by another neighbor), or his lookalike sister Abaddon (now Josie), he will be demand ALL the love for the right humans. Each of the other four cats in his litter have distinct personalities, and each is 100% lovable.

SAMPLE SHENANIGAN Among his shenanigans is a tendency to move the blankets, clothes or other soft things from wherever you put them, and use them for nests, pretend enemies, and who knows what else. He also likes to chew fabric, but that habit seems to be diminishing as he gets older.    To meet Crowley, contact his foster mom, Angela. Crowley is a good boy who deserves his very own human ankles around which to twine. Are you those ankles?

To meet Crowley, call or text his foster mom Angela at 208-761-3393.

Login Number 33510654
Purebred No
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Color Black and white
Age young
Sex Male
Size medium
Location foster home
Adopt Me

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