Image of Bobbie
Image of Bobbie
Image of Bobbie
Image of Bobbie
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Domestic Shorthair Spayed Female 12 years 10 pounds

Looking for the perfect cat? Bobbie the senior is just the sweetest thing ever! She is a incredible, 12 year old spayed female who is in tip top shape! She is a total cuddler who truly just wants to lounge with her people. She has the sweetest mew and purrs the moment you look at her. Even her snore is adorable (and who really likes snoring??) She is eating dry food without any issues and started playing with her tail and a few toys last week.

She does drool a little when she gets lots of lovin’. She has no problem with her litter box and is quite content laying in the sun and looking out the window. She has very little interest in going outside, though we have had a couple of neighborhood cats come up to our front porch and she becomes very alert and curious. She doesn’t growl or hiss, but we don’t know how she would do with other cats in the household.

She doesn’t climb on counters or anything, just couches and chairs. One funny thing is she has ZERO interest in catnip. We bought a scratching post that came with some nip and sprinkled it thinking she would be drawn to scratch on it. She couldn’t care less. We have had to work with her a bit to get her to scratch the post instead of the furniture or rugs, but she honestly doesn’t scratch very hard (we haven’t seen any noticeable marks) and she is starting to take to the post.

She has the sweetest face ever, but it just cannot be captured on camera. really think she would be an amazing companion cat because she truly just wants to be around her people. She even greets us at the door when we come home; how cute is that?! We had out of town guests and Bobbie was completely unfazed by the ‘strangers’ and embraced them just like she did us.

We genuinely think that people won’t get to experience the loving nature that is Bobbie if they cannot physically witness it. Bobbie is a truly special cat. Don’t let her age fool you- seniors need homes too and Bobbie is the ideal cat!


Login Number 37946028
Purebred No
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Color Black
Age senior
Sex Female
Size medium
Location shelter
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