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Raksha - Domestic Shorthair mix - Spayed Female - 2 yrs

One thing you notice right away about Raksha is that she was recently a mom. She is a bit shy, preferring to hang out in a box or a cozy nook, but she is friendly nonetheless. She appears to love attention and quickly went from head scratches to asking for belly rubs. If you open up her kennel and give her a pet or two, she'll soon start giving you "head boops" to ask for even more affection. A lovely black and white bi-color kitty, Raksha will surely make someone a very loving and special kitty companion. She is still young -- just 2 years old -- and has enough kitten in her to be interested in feathers and catnip toys along with all the love and tenderness her new owners can provide.

Raksha is available for adoption at the Everyday Adoption Center - located in PetSmart on the corner of Franklin and Milwaukee. 

Login #: 35852519
Purebred: No
Color: Black/White
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Size: Medium
Location: Pet Smart Adoption Center
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