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FIONA  # 34868416  age 2, Spayed,  9 pounds , shots current, house trained

    Pretty little Fiona appears to be a Mini Dachshund/Chihuahua Cross (ChiWeenie) . She is a transfer from an overcrowded California shelter. Fiona was born with a deformed left front leg and was unable to walk normally. Her leg was amputated on March 23 at the Idaho Humane Shelter Clinic. Fiona can now run like the wind and  enjoys an  active life -- playing with other small dogs, walks, chasing squirrels and jumping up on the couch.    Fiona shows a mix of wanting to be petted, and fear of hands reaching for her.  After several weeks, she began to trust her foster family, but will have to learn to relax in her new home. Because she is afraid of new people and warms up slowly, Fiona MUST GO TO A HOME WITH ANOTHER LITTLE DOG. When she is around dogs who are being held, petted etc it helps her gain trust.  A small playful male dog would be the perfect companion for her. Fiona will do best with people who understand skittish dogs and will go slowly to earn her trust. Once she trusts you, she will be your buddy!  In her foster home she is living happily with 5 other dogs ranging from 9 to 70 lbs.  She does not appear to have even been around cats and seemed scared  and uninterested when she met our cats.  She will most likely get along with cats by ignoring them, or might enjoy playing with a kitten. Frisky Fiona is still young and likes chew toys such as  Nyla bones, but will also gnaw on  shoes etc if they are available .  Luckily she is crate trained which comes in handy when left alone.  Toss a little dry dog food in her wire crate and she runs right in.  Fiona taught herself how to use the dog door and is house trained however, like all new dogs she will need to learn the "routine " in her new home.  Once she relaxes, she will happily  jump in your lap, go for a car ride, and definitely plans to share your bed , an excellent way to bond with her. Fiona is quite content  snoozing in  a dog bed, a sunny window, or watching squirrels  in the back yard. A favorite place is on your lap .   Although Fiona  is a house dog, she can run fast and should have a fenced yard.

For more info or to meet Fiona, please call Jeannie at 323-0141 or email

Login #: 34868416
Purebred: No
Color: Red
Age: Adult
Sex: Female
Size: Small
Location: Foster Home
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