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Image of Dixie
Image of Dixie
Image of Dixie
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Labrador Retriever mix Spayed Female 2 years 50.6 pounds

Good news!  Dixie has had lots of training in her short puppy life!  She knows how to speak, knows come, sit, down, stay, shakes paws and she is crate trained.  She is high energy, is playful, attentive, making eye contact, and she is loving.  You can train her using treats and vocal praise.  We think that she may need some brushing up on her training and it will be to your advantage to add to her understanding of commands, teach her new behaviors and manners.  This should be fairly easy to do as she appears to be motivated and actually likes training.  Dixie will absolutely need to be an indoor companion, living inside with your family, so be certain that she knows and understands the behaviors you will expect in your home.  Never leave Dixie outside alone for any length of time as she will become bored and lonely and will invent some destructive games to pass the time until your return.  You may come home to a torn up yard, fence, deck, door, etc.  Dogs are very attached to their humans and need them to be around as much as possible and Dixie is crate trained so please use that to your advantage.  If you need to be away from the house you can provide her a feeling of security and comfort in her own crate.  Buy one that is large enough for her to fit comfortably and move around and turn around in and put a comfortable blanket inside along with a favored toy.  You can leave the crate open in a room in the house where the family gathers, leave the door open and she may come to see the crate as a get away home for her where she can be alone in her own space and nap. Dixie is intelligent and focused but she is also friendly, loving and sensitive.  It may not always be obvious that she is sensitive so please keep it in mind or remind yourself to treat her gently and kindly at all times.  Dixie is going to make some family very happy when she comes to live with them.  How about your family?

Login Number 37581029
Purebred No
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Color Black
Age adult
Sex Female
Size medium
Location shelter
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