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Australian Kelpie Mix Spayed Female 1 year 31 pounds

Raven, true to her breed, is smart, smart, smart and very athletic!  Kelpies are Australian herding dogs and are pretty serious workaholics so she will do best with an active person or family - someone who is willing and able to train her in all kinds of activities that will satisfy her need to work and will use up her excess energy and intelligence.  This is absolutely not a dog to be left in the backyard alone for hours on end.  She needs stimulation and will use her intelligence to invent games to get over her boredom, such as digging up your yard, gnawing on your lawn furniture, etc..  You get the idea - she is wired for action and likes to work and keep busy!  Raven is always anticipating your next move and has been known to bark at you if she feels she is waiting too long.  She'll need a patient and dog savvy owner who can stay one step ahead of her!  Raven has spent the past several months being trained in the Inmate Dog Alliance Project of Idaho (IDAPI) Program (see below) where she was a very quick study.  Obedience, tricks, agility - you name it and this girl can learn it!  She'd be an excellent choice for someone looking for a dog to do advanced training with.  There's no doubt that she'll need plenty of daily exercise of the mind and body.  Raven gets along great with other dogs and enjoys high energy play with them.  She's also a big fan of playing in water, so trips to the lake with her could be great fun.  Raven does get very scared by thunderstorms and should be left safely indoors when home alone so she's not tempted to run if panicked.  We have no history on her behavior with kids, but she is not a good choice for toddlers or young children.  She may be OK with responsible kids that are old enough to participate in her care.  She does require a home without cats.  Raven is an exceptionally smart and curious girl so sharpen your wits and be sure to give her a purpose.  She is a gem of a dog and will be a fantastic companion for a like-minded person!  Raven will graduate from the IDAPI Program on Saturday, September 30, 2017 (apply below).

Raven is currently in training in the Inmate Dog Alliance Project of Idaho (IDAPI Program) where she lives with and is trained by inmates at one of the Idaho correctional centers.  During this two-month period, the dogs live with the inmates in a prison setting and are trained daily in basic obedience.  They are also house, leash and crate trained.  The dogs are frequently taught a number of fun tricks such as shake with both paws, bow, spin, speak, sit up, crawl, wave, play dead and many times can also perform some agility commands.  They also learn to be good indoor companions while at the same time, they get to interact, play and bond with the other dogs in the program.  At the end of the training period, these dogs are evaluated to make sure that they have been trained to do all of their required commands.

To apply for one of these dogs, you must complete an IDAPI application and, if selected as a potential adopter, a phone interview will be conducted just prior to the dog’s graduation.  If chosen, you will then be asked to attend a 2-hour workshop where you will meet the dog and also learn the commands that the dog knows and how to work with her.  For more information about this dog or any dog in the IDAPI program, please contact Stefanie at the Idaho Humane Society at 208/331-8552 or You can apply for this dog at the following link:

CLICK HERE to fill out an IDAPI adoption application online!

Login Number 35943672
Purebred No
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Color Black
Age adult
Sex Female
Size medium
Location other
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