Image of Gunner
Image of Gunner
Image of Gunner Image of Gunner


Border Collie mix Neutered Male 4 months 37 pounds

Gunner is an energetic, smart, and responsive 4 month old puppy. He was stranded as a younger puppy so has some attachment issues, but he’s really come a long way in the month we’ve had him. He’s gotten brave but still likes to stay close to his parents. This is the best foster we’ve ever had and one of the most well-behaved puppies we’ve ever seen. He knows how to play fetch (has a short attention span, typical of a puppy), knows “sit,” “laydown,” “kennel in” to his crate, “stay,” “go potty/poop,” but does have the occasional accident in the house if not let outside on a regular basis. He gets along well with other dogs, does well with cats, and does not do well with chickens or birds (yet). He likes to chew on toys, but if not given the right durable toys he will chew threw blankets and stuffed toys. He is a fast learner and will do great with owners that are excited to train and spend time with him.

If you’d like to meet Gunner, please come on down to the shelter!

Login Number 36597730
Purebred No
Spayed/Neutered Yes
Color Black and White
Age young
Sex Male
Size small
Location shelter
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