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At the Idaho Humane Society we know that pets provide unconditional love and companionship. Choosing the right pet will reward you and your family with many years of enjoyment. We urge you to consider that the care of any pet requires commitment, and pet ownership is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Owning a pet means taking on the responsibility to care for the pet throughout its entire life. With many pets this means a 12+ year commitment.

Please consider reading these articles if you’re considering adopting a pet:

Adoption Process:

To adopt a pet, visit the Idaho Humane Society shelter at 4775 Dorman St., Boise, Idaho 83705. Click here for directions and hours.

Visit the adoptable dogs housed in our Kennel C & D wards. Adoptable cats are housed in the Sugar Toes cattery located off of the Front Desk area of the shelter.

Each animal has a kennel card located on the front of their kennel or cage. You can read this card for more information about the pet. If there is not a card and/or to learn if there is any additional information on the pet visit the Customer Service Desk in the Kennel Hallway or the Front Desk Customer Service Area.

You can ask for a leash at the Customer Service Desk in the Kennel Hallway to get a dog out of their kennel. Dogs can be taken to the small Get Acquainted Rooms that line the Kennel Hallway or outside into the backyard at the end of the Kennel Hallway. Puppies younger than 4 months must stay indoors.

Cats can be petted in their cages or held inside of the cattery area.

Once you’ve decided to adopt an animal, take their kennel card to the Front Desk Customer Service Area to complete your adoption paperwork. This process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

24 Hour Hold: If you’d like to adopt an animal, but are not ready to take it home immediately, a 24 hour maximum hold can be placed on the pet. $25 deposit is required to hold the pet for 24 hours. When you return for the animal, $25 will be put towards the animal’s adoption fee. If you do not return in 24 hours or decide not to adopt that particular pet the $25 will be donated to the Idaho Humane Society.

Once you’ve completed your adoption paperwork you will proceed into See Spot Shop to pay for your adoption. Your fees will include your pet’s adoption fee (see below) plus tax, a license fee (dogs only), rabies vaccination charge (cats only), and any additional optional veterinary expenses you opted to have done for you pet. While in See Spot Shop make sure you pick up all necessary supplies to care for (and spoil!) your new pet. Shopping at See Spot Shop benefits ALL the shelter animals. You can receive a 10% off coupon at the front desk!

All dogs are spayed/neutered before going out into the adoption kennels. So your newly adopted canine will go home with you immediately after your adoption is completed. Cats that are already spayed/neutered can also go home immediately following their adoption. Cats that are NOT spayed/neutered at the time of adoption can be picked up the NEXT day between 4:30-5:30 p.m. at the IHS Veterinary Medical Center in the late afternoon after their surgery is complete.

Adoption Fees:


Adoption fees range from $20 to $300 depending on the size, breed, age and condition of the animal. For more information on our variable pricing for dog adoptions, click here.


  • $75 for kittens 8 weeks to 16 weeks old
  • $50 for cats 17 weeks to 4 years old
  • $25 for cats 5 to 8 years old
  • $10 for cats 8 years old or older

All adoptions include mandatory spay or neuter, first FVRCP (cats) or DHPP (dogs)vaccination, rabies vaccination and microchip for identification purposes plus a packet of food sample and educational information.

Barn Cats

If you're looking for a mouser to live outdoors on your property and can provide shelter and food to support a feral/barn cat, you can adopt one for $10. Visit the shelter and ask to speak with the Cattery Staff about adopting a barn cat. They'll show you the currently available healthy feral cats. Once selected, you'll complete the adoption paperwork and pay $10. The cat will be spayed or neutered the next morning, receive its FVRCP vaccination and have its ear notched. (Read more about ear notching for sterilized feral cat identification here.) You can then pick up your new barn cat that afternoon.

Special Reduced Adoption Fees for Seniors:

Individuals 60 years and older may be eligible to adopt one shelter pet at a discounted adoption rate.

    The senior wishing to adopt under this program must be present at the shelter to sign the adoption papers.

    Click here for more information on the Senior Adoption Programs.

    The Senior Pets Program has allowed us to place thousands of animals in seniors’ homes, providing meaningful lifelong companionship for pets and people alike.

    License Fees

    All residents of Ada County must purchase a license when adopting a dog for their city or Ada County if outside city limits. 

    Click here for the fees for various area dog licenses.


    Cats do not have licenses but we recommend that you keep a collar and identification tag on your cat at all times. Identification tags can be purchased at the IHS See Spot Shop for $6.